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Featured Program Participants

avatar for Karen Corbeill

Karen Corbeill

Element14, The Bodgery
YouTube Show host, Makerspace founder
avatar for Danny Hansen

Danny Hansen

Crafty Celts
avatar for Alena Van Arendonk

Alena Van Arendonk

"...And Sewing Is Half The Battle!"
Masters-level cosplayer, costume designer, actor
avatar for Hermione Banger

Hermione Banger

Affinity Games LLC
avatar for Mari Brighe

Mari Brighe


Grace Cocking

Lorna's Laces
Yarn Dyer
avatar for Casey O'Donnell

Casey O'Donnell

Michigan State University
Associate Professor
avatar for A. Carina Spears

A. Carina Spears

A. Carina Barry
avatar for Sarah Withee

Sarah Withee

Polyglot software engineer

Program Participants

avatar for Dave


Penguicon ConChair 2021
avatar for Jay


avatar for Lisa


Lightning Bug Crafts
avatar for Craig Maloney (he/him/coffee?)

Craig Maloney (he/him/coffee?)

Penguicon Staff
avatar for Sarah Elkins (she)

Sarah Elkins (she)

Configuration Manager
avatar for Chris Bell

Chris Bell

Atthis Arts, LLC
Managing Editor
avatar for E.D.E. Bell

E.D.E. Bell

Atthis Arts
Author, Editor
avatar for Tony Bemus

Tony Bemus

Sunday Morning Linux Review
Podcast Host
avatar for Noah Bogart

Noah Bogart

Everything But The House
Software Developer
avatar for Brigit Bradakis

Brigit Bradakis

Head of Volunteers
avatar for Randal Bradakis

Randal Bradakis

Penguicon Board of Directors
avatar for Warren Brown

Warren Brown

Sword of Odin
Web Master, Graphic Designer and World Building Consultant
avatar for Alexis Buschert

Alexis Buschert

Baptist Health
Democrat, District 2
avatar for Anna Carey

Anna Carey

Head of Operations
avatar for Cyndi Chadwick

Cyndi Chadwick

Sword of Odin
avatar for April Jennifer Choi

April Jennifer Choi

April Choi

Gail Christopherson

Workforce Software, Inc.
Consultant, Technical
avatar for Michael Cieslak

Michael Cieslak

Dragon's Roost Press
Editor in Chief
avatar for Virtual -Jean Davis

Virtual -Jean Davis

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Author
avatar for Clay Dowling

Clay Dowling

Pillar Technology
Journeyman Developer
avatar for Lithie Dubois

Lithie Dubois

Programming Team
avatar for Dan Eckerd

Dan Eckerd

Head of Hospitality/Logistics
avatar for Clif Flynt

Clif Flynt

Noumena Corp
avatar for JAC3D G33K


Featured Guest - Wellness Track
avatar for Bagel Garrison

Bagel Garrison

Hole in the Ground Creations

Tommy Gun

Burlesque Performer/Aerialist/Model
avatar for Janice Gutfreund

Janice Gutfreund

Clinical Psychologist
avatar for Donald Mark Haynes

Donald Mark Haynes

Penguicon Featured Guest
Independent Contractor
avatar for Scott Helmke

Scott Helmke

TC Furlong, Inc.
Systems & Projects
avatar for Craig Hibbard

Craig Hibbard

Sr. Project Mgr.
avatar for Jon Hickey

Jon Hickey

Podcast Host
avatar for Jessica Humiston-Aman

Jessica Humiston-Aman

Complete SpectrumWellness
avatar for Norman Witte III

Norman Witte III

Software Engineer/Deejay Extrordinaire
avatar for Hokyo Jessica

Hokyo Jessica

Hollow Bones Rinzai Zen Order / WAP Center
Ordained Zen Priest and Professional Counselor
avatar for Scott Kennedy

Scott Kennedy

Penguicon Board of Directors
avatar for Paul Keyes

Paul Keyes

IT Officer

Jett Khat

Featured Guest - After Dark Track
avatar for Tom Lawrence

Tom Lawrence

Lawrence Technology Services
avatar for Sam Letvin

Sam Letvin

Art Educator
avatar for Program Ops - Lithie

Program Ops - Lithie

avatar for Niki MacRae

Niki MacRae

Head of Hospitality 2020
avatar for Mike Madigan

Mike Madigan

Five Clover Films
avatar for Jeff Marraccini

Jeff Marraccini

Assistant Con Chair - 2023
avatar for The Wandering Meeple.

The Wandering Meeple.

Wandering Meeple
avatar for Cassandra Morgan

Cassandra Morgan

White Whisker Publications
Author, Narrator, Certified Crazy Cat Lady
avatar for Patt Mundy

Patt Mundy

Michigan Academy of Martial Arts
avatar for Gibson Nichols

Gibson Nichols

Penguicon Featured Guest
Research Specialist
avatar for Stanley Nunn

Stanley Nunn

Undeniable Entertainment and Media
avatar for Dave Phillips

Dave Phillips

IT in the D / Podcast Detroit
avatar for Edward L. Platt

Edward L. Platt

Developer, Researcher, Author
avatar for Andrew M.

Andrew M. "Fish" Popowich

Sword of Odin
Owner, Designer, and Creative Director
avatar for ted preston

ted preston

Robotics Engineer
avatar for Nemo Rathwald

Nemo Rathwald

Magic Meeple Games
Boardgame Designer
avatar for Joseph Rock

Joseph Rock

Lyons Consulting Group
Lead Quality Analyst
avatar for Jessica A Roland

Jessica A Roland

Rocket Mortgage
Technology Team Leader
avatar for Ines Garcia Sal

Ines Garcia Sal

University of Minnesota
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