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Kinky presenter and fetish model, Karida started her journey into BDSM at a young age with playground "Damsel in distress" style self bondage. She realized later in life that there was far more fun to be had once she had someone tied up, and her exploration went into overdrive.
Karida takes a playful and humorous, yet technically savvy approach to teaching while engaging her audience, encouraging creativity beyond "by the book" methods for playing and interacting in the kink world. She insists: "Be safe, think about what you're doing and why, then make it your own."
A switch, Karida is an enthusiastic presenter and player from both the Top and bottom perspectives. She loves to tell people "I'm not confused at all about what I want- I want it ALL!" She means it, too. Considering herself a student of life, she enjoys learning about everything she can get access to, then sharing her passions with others. Her experience and love for rope, medical, sensation, impact, fire, pet, weapon and rough body play bring fun combinations to the classroom.
Karida has presented and performed at a variety of national events including Debauchery, Beyond Leather and the Detroit Dirty Show. She is an emeritus board member of the Board Of Education and founded a bi-weekly rope group in the greater Detroit area.