Penguicon 2019 has ended
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Lithie Dubois

Program Ops
At the Ops Desk outside Algonquin Ballrooms
Hi There! I'm your handy dandy Head of Program Ops - the one-stop spot for all Penguicon Program Particpants.
We handle everything from last minute schedule changes, Sched Profile Merges for duplicate profiles, Sign-Up sheets, White Boards, Panelist Packets and any sort of issue a Presenter may have during their time at Penguicon.

You can reach Program Ops at anytime during the con. We're located just outside of the Algonquin Ballrooms at the Ops Desk. You can email programops@penguicon.org, you can text us directly at 989.482.9096, or you can use the message feature in Sched and it will come right to us.

My staff and I look forward to working with all of you during Penguicon. If you need us, simply holler!
Friday, May 3