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Byron Pepper

Byron “Sarge” Pepper, emerged from the snowy banks of Michigan five years ago to give a set of panels at Colossalcon, breaking the mold to bring RPGs and Tabletop to the anime circuit. There was a lot of interest to begin with when he told the masses how to DM fairly with his first panel, and was quickly invited back for another year with how popular the panel was. Now, with 5 years under his belt, and a plethora of panels, he is ready to take other cons by storm and bring the good word of fun back to tabletop, but also to help make panels exciting again! Sarge is a veteran Dungeon Master of many campaigns, both playing and GMing, but also headed up a 150+ person living community centered around Shadowrun for 2 years as GM Head and Lore head. He’s streamed his games on Twitch and Youtube and just wants everyone to get along.